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I’m not going to the ocean, because that’s the shark’s house. But when chickens come into my house, guess what? I have made a career out of that.
As a counterargument to Andrea Frasers’ therapeutic setting in her video installation »Projection« – we are the butterfly [where eyes and gaze are divided] – mutually activated by the unconscious of the other.


In ANTI PREDATOR ADAPTATION we connect different spaces of artistic representation – the galery, the cinema, and the natural history museum – to an arena of thought, in which we try to survive. Based on Andrea Fraser's video installation “Projection“ we translate defense mechanism of the world attributed to animals into the psyche.
In the core chapter, "Mimicry", the figure of the octopus stands in for the ideal of constant self-transformation. The video reflects on the desire for a fluctuating identity that resists limiting forms of depictions and expectations.
In an associative collage of archival material, found-footage, and filmed images we navigate through ambivalences of being and becoming an artist. 

HD Video, 21-26min.
In collaboration with Jessyca R. Hauser
In English.

Special Mention at Austrian American Short Film Festival (AASFF), ACF New York:
"for being a philosophical, topical, and fascinating experimental film"

Film-performance Nov.2015
Mumok – museum moderner kunst stiftung ludwig wien: »You've seen me before II. Between Appropriation and Déjà-vu«