A Susanna

Since the early Renaissance the theme of “Susanna and the Elders” had often been under artistic focus. Known painters and sculptors have tried to interpret it, and it is striking that most of them have used the same specific passage from the Bible text: The scene in which Susanna bathes without realizing that the two elders are watching her.

The video examines the construction of Susanna as an object of desire in the artistic representation of this story. The viewer takes up a double-voyeuristic position. The first is the view from the elders of Susanna, and the second being the view from the artist’s perspective of the scenario. We, the observers of the play, share the field of vision of the artist. This double objectification we see from both the elders and the artist, combined with the social, political and cultural conditions in which the scene occurs, are all main subjects of the video.

Video, 7min.
In collaboration with Anna Königshofer
In German/English, English subtitles.

Exhibited Aug.2012
Stone Carving Symposium, Sommeracademy Salzburg