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Four Siblings

A filmic archive of family celebrations, birthdays, farewells, journeys, pets, fishing, etc. What constitutes the perspective of the filmmaker? What eludes her sight? Four stories, all of which are somehow one – of a family in the second half of the 20th Century between Austria, Germany and the United States.

On the basis of the amateur medium Super 8 the work examines how the genre of the family video reflects and idealizes the family system as such. The audio track contrasts the beautiful images. The archive material functions as evidence, as well as objet trouvé; the loss of quality within the resolution through repeated dubbing is part of it. The combination of comment and the image track corresponds with the strategies of a film essay. It associates silent images and human memory.

Video, 23min.
The 8mm & Super 8 films are from the archive of Elisabeth S.
In German, English subtitles.

Screening Jul.2015
Projectspace Danube, Osijek, Croatia