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Peut-etre que j'avais juste pas assez respire

Speaking of reconstitution is usually associated with the investigation of a crime. The detailed (re-)staging of the crime in retrospect serves to decode the initial situation. 

The situation which “Peut-être que j'avais juste pas assez respiré”, deals with does not constitute a crime in the traditional sense, but still raises the question of delinquency. A colleague fainted at the presentation of her work during a critique session. She fell on her own sculpture titled “Kritikwerk”, that dealt with the method of criticism.

What were the preconditions that the framework of the institutional reality were disrupted at once? How did each one behave and how is the event remembered? After having asked each person that had been present to give a witness report, these statements were compiled to a script.

Three performers recite this script that encircles the recalled situation, recounts, parallelizes, and contrasts the different versions. The statements do not come from the psychology of the characters, but represent positions of the witnesses. The cinematic dispositive gradually reveals the reconstructed spatial situation of the event. 

Video installation, 13min.
In collaboration with Anna Königshofer.
In French, English/German subtitles.
Performer: Éléonore Chalié, Marie Cornil, Anne-Lisa Tacheron.

Exhibited Jan.2014
Haute école d'art et de design Genève